Politics of the image. The Culture of Photographic Experience (T. Todorov)

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7 lessons | 14 hours

Course Summary

The course regards photography as a series of practices, as different forms of experience rather than accepting a strict essentialist definition (art, medium, technology etc.). Thus, it follows various cultural, political, psychological, symbolical and other functions and uses of photography. Tracing its cultural history and the part photography plays in the complex media context the course focuses on the politics of the image and the reinvention of the self in the photographic experience. Other important topics of discussion are the relation between photography and truth, the mass consumption of images and its effects, the ethics of seeing (photography and journalism), digital media and post-photography. The various subjects refer to visual examples in the form of series of thematic photographies that will be object of debate during the talks at the course.


Todor Todorov is a Bulgarian philosopher and fiction writer. He is a doctor of philosophy and associate professor at the Department of Philosophy, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. His main fields of study include: History of Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Media and Politics, Media Critique, Ideology and Contemporary Mechanisms of Control. He is currently a lecturer at the Philosophy Department, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Department of Cultural Studies at Sofia University.

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